Contain Dialysis Costs & Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease Risks

Proactively fight the health and financial impact of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Don’t Let CKD Sink Your Health Plan.

It’s not a matter of IF CKD will strike a self-funded plan, but WHEN. When it comes to CKD, members diagnosed with kidney disease are just the tip of the iceberg.


1 in 7
employees have CKD.

OZ21_31000159_RL_Multi_Website_GIFS_90 Percent_r02

of employees with CKD don’t know they have it.


Self-funded plans are charged 4x-10x more per dialysis treatment than Medicare is charged.

Proactive and Preventive Action Pays Off

The costs of CKD and dialysis are typically high for members and self-funded plans. The logical approach is to protect members and plan assets by identifying and getting ahead of hidden CKD risk now.

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The Renalogic Difference

We provide the most comprehensive CKD risk management methodology to improve member health and protect plan assets.

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98.3% effective against preventing dialysis.


Plans experience 84.5% average savings off contracted dialysis rates.


Clients save more than $207 per month for each member enrolled in our ImpactCare program. That’s $2,400+ a year in savings.

It’s a Partnership
Not a Product

Fighting high dialysis costs and CKD is a long-term commitment, and Renalogic is there every step of the way. As a true dialysis costs containment and CKD risk partner, we provide an industry-leading approach and repricing strategy to empower our clients to get ahead of the hidden challenges and costs in their plans.

Our innovative and proactive solutions have driven positive, impactful change for kidney disease management over the last two decades.

Success Stories

Massive Savings on Dialysis Claims

“Renalogic saved us significant money on that claim. It (the initial dialysis claim) came in close to a million dollars, and they immediately reduced it by 80%.”
Frank Tecumseh
Vice President of Human Resources

Massive Savings on Dialysis Claims

"Renalogic and its Cost Containment methodology decreased that first dialysis claim to $120,000, and it didn’t even hit their Stop-Loss policy. It was a home run for everybody.”
Doug Roehm
President Services Group
Health Insurance Consultant

Specialized Intervention at No Cost to Members

"Renalogic had been sending me things all along, but now I was listening…if you accept help, you can make the changes too. Take advantage of the services your employer makes available to you. Watch for the early warning signs and pay attention rather than arguing them away or ignoring them.”
Ron Benson
Plan Member