Dialysis costs are not inevitable.
They are avoidable.

Are you doing enough to manage risks for your plan?


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Best Practices for Dialysis Cost Containment in 2021

Much more than repricing alone, plans can avoid massive risks with these industry best practices.

45 Minutes + Q&A

Why Use Renalogic?

We Empower
Our Clients

by improving their health, reversing the progression of CKD and containing costs.


Clinical Combinations Identifying Patient Risk & Future Costs

1 in 7

Fourteen Percent
Have Chronic Kidney Disease


Experience up to 91% Reduction on
Dialysis Claims Costs

Our Commitment

We provide the most comprehensive risk management solutions to improve health and protect plan assets – reducing significant dialysis costs by empowering our clients with alternative solutions.

Our Results

We have saved nearly a billion dollars for members through dialysis cost reduction – significantly improving members’ health and reversing kidney disease.

Our Solutions


Don’t react to dialysis costs.
Be empowered to prevent them.

Kidney Dialysis
Avoidance Program

Avoid dialysis costs with clinical intervention.

Dialysis Cost and Risk Management

Up to 91% off full billed charges for out-patient dialysis.

“It is time to think differently about kidney disease and dialysis.”

“It is our mission as industry trailblazers to help self-funded employers do the right thing. Not only for their bottom line, but for the overall health of their employees.”

— Lisa L. Moody, Chief Executive Officer

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