2015 Year In Review: Renalogic launches new CKD management program & brand, relocates and expands

Renalogic, formerly DCC, Inc., is bringing a year full of changes to a close. We’re anticipating big changes to come for 2016, but before we moved ahead, we wanted to share some of the events that have taken place with our company in the last 365 days.

Headquarters relocates

DCC, Inc. was originally headquartered in Sandpoint, ID and in May 2015 relocated to Phoenix, AZ. The move allowed the company to more centrally locate itself and tap into the opportunities within the local healthcare industry. The move has been advantageous for the company, and we are growing rapidly. In the past year we have added a Sales Executive (Brian Kruse), SQL Data Analyst (Tracy Huskisson), Digital Marketing Manager (Erin Desman), Director of IT (Matthew Vehrs) and are currently looking for a Senior Clinical Director.

A new program, a new name, a new look

Too often, we would watch members progress to end-stage renal disease (ESRD). We thought that there might be a better opportunity to prevent catastrophic costs by identifying those at risk for chronic kidney disease and intervening before it progressed further. That is how we became Renalogic. Renalogic better captures our new program offerings. No longer are we just a dialysis cost containment or dialysis cost control company, but we are now a provider of end-to-end solutions for chronic kidney disease and ESRD.

Now, we work to identify members who are, or may be in the future, at risk for chronic kidney disease. On a monthly or one-time basis, our team of data analysts work hard with your payors to determine those in need of intervention. Once identified, our nurse coaches are assigned and engage those members we have identified, educating them on their stage of chronic kidney disease and options to control or reverse the chronic condition. Because CKD is one of the silent diseases that can be reversed, we think working with members before they reach ESRD helps everyone in the long run.

With a new name comes a new look. We officially launched our new website on June 29th to the public and have worked hard to bring awareness to third party administrators, brokers, employer groups and more about our enhanced services. We assure you that no one is managing chronic kidney disease like we are.

Awards & events

Team Renalogic recently qualified in the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona’s Whirlwind Golf Classic. Our sales executives Sherri Tetachuk and Brian Kruse will be going to Pebble Beach, CA to compete in the national 56-hole scramble on Jan. 14-Jan. 17. We exhibited at The Collaborator Fair, hosted by the Valley Research Partnership (VRP) and Arizona Biomedical Research Commission (ABRC) and networked with the National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Hawaii is experiencing an unprecedented number of dialysis clinics opening and the number of those with chronic kidney disease rising at an alarming rate. In November, our team flew to Honolulu and exhibited at the International Foundation of Employee Benefits and Plans. We are actively collaborating with the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii to figure out how we can continue to eradicate the progression of chronic kidney disease in the island populations.

Community involvement & engagement

Renalogic has been a member of The Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) for more than 13 years, and Sally Reppucci and Shelley Grace have been invited to the Healthcare and Government Committees respectively. Recently we have expanded our membership into several organizations. We are now a part of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and Phoenix Chapter of WEB Networking Group.


That being said, we’re looking forward to starting the new year off with a bang, and wish you and yours small miracles this season.


Renalogic, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, was founded in 2002 as a specialty dialysis cost-containment company to help clients understand the unique market dynamics in the dialysis provider community. The company has evolved to become a comprehensive provider of data-driven, end-to-end chronic kidney disease (CKD) care and cost management programs for the self-insured industry. Renalogic’s professional team includes leaders in healthcare administration, care management, legal specialists in ERISA and healthcare law, contract negotiation, payer/provider negotiation, and clinical experts.