2017 National Kidney Awareness Month

2017 National Kidney Awareness Month

March is National Kidney Awareness Month, and March 9th is World Kidney Day. Most of us don’t think much about our kidneys, until something goes wrong.

Your kidneys are important. Although only the size of your fist, these power houses make urine, remove waste from your blood, control blood pressure, make red blood cells and much, much more.

It may surprise you to know that 1 in 9 Americans has Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Did you know that if CKD progresses to End-Stage (ESRD or End-Stage Renal Disease), there are only three choices left to manage your kidney health? Shockingly, many people don’t. These three choices are dialysis, transplant, or death.

At Renalogic, our primary focus is three-fold. We work to prevent kidney disease for those who are at risk, preserve renal or kidney function for those who have kidney disease, and reduce the cost of replacement therapy. Here’s how our CKD Management program works:

    Prevent kidney disease: If you are at risk for kidney disease, learn how to prevent it! Our nurses are skilled at teaching and encouraging members to focus on factors they have personal control over. This helps to not only reduce the risk for kidney disease – but this also improve overall well-being and general health. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol, diabetes, frequent and recurring kidney stones, incomplete bladder emptying – you could be at risk for kidney disease.
    Preserve renal function: If you have kidney disease, learn how to manage the conditions that lead to kidney disease, follow your prescribed diet and fluid restriction, and be sure to take your medications properly. Work closely with your doctor and/or nurse coach to learn what you can do to improve your kidney health.
    Reduce costs: Learning to take proper care of your health can save you money. Working with your Renalogic team, we can help to ensure you are aware of programs that can help ease the economic burden of kidney disease.

It is important to remember that kidney disease certainly can be prevented. Talk to us or your doctor today to find out how!


Renalogic, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, was founded in 2002 as a specialty dialysis cost-containment company to help clients understand the unique market dynamics in the dialysis provider community. The company has evolved to become a comprehensive provider of data-driven, end-to-end chronic kidney disease (CKD) care and cost management programs for the self-insured industry. Renalogic’s professional team includes leaders in healthcare administration, care management, legal specialists in ERISA and healthcare law, contract negotiation, payer/provider negotiation, and clinical experts.