Start Your Journey with Renalogic

With a focus on managing chronic kidney disease and dialysis costs within self-insured workforces, we are advocates for change with kidney disease management and dialysis costs. Renalogic team members advocate for our clients and their employees with proven methodology that changes the course of CKD and dialysis risk.

Open Job Opportunities:


Clinical Care Manager


Strategic Account Executive

Our Commitment to You

Renalogic’s success rests on our culture and people. Our organizational health starts at the top with our leadership team who is fully committed to the organization’s goals and the team’s success. In addition, we provide our team members with everything they need to strengthen their emotional intelligence and model their commitment to be hungry, humble, and smart, while enhancing and utilizing their natural strengths. Our commitment to empower our people resulted in us being awarded with the distinctive Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award.


What to Expect

Our team members’ health and wellbeing are a priority, and the benefits, wages, and work environment we provide reflect this dedication. The following is an overview of what all Renalogic team members receive.


Virtually unlimited paid time off

Renalogic team members don’t need to worry about accruing enough time or losing accrued time. Instead, team members can request time off whenever they need it. In addition, we observe 13 holidays, all of which are paid days off.


Competitive pay

To maintain the highest level of service for our clients and members, we need the best people on our team. Our competitive pay allows us to recruit and retain the best talent.


Excellent benefits

Team members and qualified dependents receive amazing benefits for a minimal cost. Roughly 90% of medical, dental, and vision costs are covered.


Flexible work environment

We may actively recruit from certain geographical locations, but we also know that the best candidate may reside in an unexpected place. This results in a primarily distributed workforce, with members located throughout the country.


Financial wellness support

Our goal is to empower our team members to plan for their futures, so our team members are enrolled in our 401(k) plan after six months of employment. In addition, team members are invited to join quarterly financial planning sessions with our 401(k) provider and can reach out at any time to get additional one-on-one support.