Dialysis In the US: A Broken Market Requires Thinking Outside The “Network” Box

Since the beginning of managed care, Americans have feared receiving care from doctors or hospitals who are “out-of-network” because that often means sky-high prices and more out-of-pocket costs. But what happens when the opposite is true – when the “in-network” rate is unfair and higher than the “out-of-network” rate for the same exact service? How does that […]

SIIA Industry Updates and Trends: ENGAGING in a World Where Transparency Matters.

The SIIA 43rd Annual National Conference was a great experience that drove great discussion around industry trends regarding new compliance regulations, particularly with 2023 enforcement deadlines approaching for the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and Transparency in Coverage (TiC) rule. The enforcement deadline for the web-based price transparency tool could prove to have an interesting effect […]

Renalogic Announces Highly Successful Member Outcomes in 2021

Clinical success included holding 99.7% of members from progressing to dialysis CHICAGO, IL (March 14, 2022) – Renalogic, the leading company helping employers and self-funded health plans fight the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease, today announced the highly successful results of their clinical services for 2021. Renalogic works with self-insured clients to […]