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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis fly under the radar for most of your clients – but it's just a matter of time. CKD is currently the #9 leading cause of death in the U.S. and it's projected to rise to #5 by 2040. Shocking dialysis claims may be on the horizon for your clients. Here's your chance to be their hero!


Prevent Your Clients from Experiencing the Devastating Financial Impact of CKD.

Be proactive! With Renalogic, you can deliver a multi-year strategy that addresses the future risks and costs of CKD for your clients. We make it easy and provide you with turnkey solutions to create added value for your clients that improve their bottom line and the health of their employee population.


$100 Billion
CKD costs self-funded plans over $100 billion annually.

CKD Costs Increase Exponentially As The Disease Worsens


Average billed annual charges per dialysis member.

400% Cost Increase

Large dialysis organization (LDOs) raise their prices by 10-15% every year. Since 2008, dialysis costs have increased nearly 400%.

Deliver Tailored Solutions to Tackle Your Clients’ High Dialysis Claims and Prevent Future Costs.

Enhance your offerings to address your clients’ needs with our proven solutions for unmatched savings and meaningful member care and engagement.


Clients save 84.5% (on average) off contracted dialysis rates.

Group 752

Intervention Program ROI


PMPM Savings Over Trend


PMPM Savings Since Enrollment


Custom Solutions to Increase Employee Wellness and Productivity While Reducing Claim Costs.

Identify and get ahead of hidden CKD risks before they become urgent and costly claims. With our proven solutions, brokers & consultants can impactfully support and improve their members' health, build a healthier and more productive workforce, and protect their health plan assets.

Group 701

Of participating members have avoided dialysis.

Group 690

Average savings off contracted dialysis rates.

Protect Plan Assets and Reverse the Progression of CKD.

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