Who are we?

We are Champions of Change

We are champions of change for the healthcare industry, focussing specifically on helping self-insured employer groups identify, treat, and manage chronic kidney disease within their employee population. We are passionate about what we do and are proud of being able to provide employers with the tools, resources, and support they need to maintain a healthy, balanced, and aware employee population. It is this passion that fuels our dynamic, conscientious, and compassionate work environment and how we are successful in delivering our unique solutions to the marketplace.

We are Organizational Health Fanatics

Organizational health is the foundation upon which our tactical and strategic success is built. Robust organizational health starts at the top, and our leadership team is solidly committed to our organizational health goals and demonstrates their commitment by embracing healthy conflict, promoting transparency, and emphasizing every individual’s Strengths. By doing this, our valuable team members have the tools they need to strengthen their emotional intelligence muscles, model their commitment to being Hungry, Humble, and Smart, and tap into the power of their natural Strengths.

We are Conscientious Team Builders

We take time to get to know you as a human first. Once we’ve established a feel for where you’re coming from, we move on to assessing your core competencies, talents, disposition, and aspirations. This intentionally careful selection process means we continue to cultivate incredibly bright, conscientious, driven, and compassionate individuals. 

We are Thoughtful Leaders

  • We emphasize clarity. Our leadership team understands that the people come first, which means they take the time to provide information, answer questions, and help you engage in growth-oriented healthy conflict from day one.

  • Work-life balance. We require our valuable team members to take a minimum of 10 paid days off per year. This is in addition to the 13 paid holidays we offer.

  • Flexible work environment. We are a 99% distributed workforce, which means the majority of our team works outside of our Phoenix HQ.

  • Competitive pay. We want to attract and keep the best because our clients and members deserve the best. One way we do this is by ensuring our pay scales align with the market as much as possible.

  • Superb benefits at a minimal cost. We pay roughly 90% of the medical, dental, and vision costs for you and your qualified dependents. We also pay for your life insurance, access to EAP, and short/long term disability.

  • Retirement and financial planning. Our 401(k) partner doesn’t just administer our benefits, they also offer regular courses and one-on-one support to help you make the most out of every penny.

Good news! We’re hiring!