[Webinar] Carving Out Benefits: Empowering Self-Funded Employer Plans Against High Dialysis Pricing

The U.S. outpatient dialysis care market is dysfunctional. It is a duopoly dominated by two public companies (collectively ’Big Dialysis’) that own almost 90% of all dialysis facilities in the U.S. Self-funded employer plans have been disproportionately affected by the dysfunctional dialysis market. The data indicates that ‘Big Dialysis’ charges as much as 1,200% of Medicare rates for self-funded employers for dialysis services.

Join us for a comprehensive on-demand webinar exploring the state of the U.S. outpatient dialysis care market and learn how to counterbalance its repercussions on self-funded employer plans. We’ll sort out the rights and legal powers that self-funded employers already possess to control their own dialysis benefits. We’ll also dive into the flexibility given by federal laws, like ERISA, in benefits design and explain how employers can leverage this to combat the exorbitant costs levied by ‘Big Dialysis.’

Exercising these rights, however, is not without challenges. There is frequent resistance from other stakeholders, often leading to unlawful refusal or discouragement to follow plan directives. To navigate these barriers, we will present a ‘Bill of Rights’ that empowers employers to take control of their dialysis costs effectively. Join us to discover the right strategies to counter ‘Big Dialysis’ high pricing and enforce critical cost-saving measures. Empower your health plan to make a definitive stand against dialysis market dysfunction.

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