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Improved Outcomes Through Impactful Partnership.

When it comes to extreme dialysis claims and hidden chronic kidney disease (CKD) risks, Renalogic understands that waiting is not an option. We partner with our clients to identify and strategically address hidden risks and contain catastrophic dialysis claims. Download our case studies below to learn more about client experiences with the Renalogic Suite of Solutions and our demonstrated, improved outcomes.

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Don’t Gamble on Dialysis

Challenge: A Michigan-based casino and hotel faced a shockingly-high dialysis claim and a population with high CKD risk.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect and ImpactCare reduced the dialysis claim substantially and overall plan costs.

$950,000 Billed Dialysis Claim
Decreased to $120,000

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Tailored Solutions for Maximum Results

Challenge: A national arts and crafts retail company had a decentralized, mostly part-time employee base with an identified prevalence of CKD risk.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect and ImpactCare delivered significant savings and provided the right member care at the right time.

$7,829,703 Billed Dialysis Claims
Decreased to $694,480

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High-Touch Intervention for Substantial Savings

Challenge: A national fresh and processed beef products company had an at-risk population with a historically high ER utilization and catastrophic claims.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactCare decreased ER utilization and members’ progression to dialysis.

Savings Per Member Per Month Since Enrollment

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A Healthy Financial Impact for Healthcare Providers

Challenge: A large, self-funded hospital system needed to contain alarming dialysis claims while minimizing employee productivity loss and absenteeism due to CKD.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect significantly decreased dialysis claims and delivered $1.8MM in net savings.

Net Savings

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