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Improved Outcomes Through Impactful Partnership.

When it comes to extreme dialysis claims and hidden chronic kidney disease (CKD) risks, Renalogic understands that waiting is not an option. We partner with our clients to identify and strategically address hidden risks and contain catastrophic dialysis claims. Download our case studies below to learn more about client experiences with the Renalogic Suite of Solutions and our demonstrated, improved outcomes.

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Challenge: A hospitality company with 2,300+ covered lives faced two alarming challenges: a shockingly high dialysis claim and a population with high chronic kidney disease (CKD) risk.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect and ImpactCare reduced the dialysis claim substantially and overall plan costs.

$950,000 Billed Dialysis Claim
Decreased to $120,000

Challenge: A national retail company faced significant challenges for its members. With stores in 47 states, its employee base was decentralized, mostly part-time, and the population had an identified prevalence of chronic kidney disease risk (CKD).

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect and ImpactCare delivered significant savings and provided the right member care at the right time.

$12,999,036 Billed Dialysis Claim
Decreased to $814,193

Challenge: A food manufacturer faced unique challenges with its population. Its member population had an identified prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD). These members struggled with both access to and navigation of healthcare resources, and because of their rural location, there was historically high ER utilization and catastrophic claims due to the lack of preventative care.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactCare decreased ER utilization and members’ progression to dialysis.

Savings Per Member Per Month Since Enrollment

Challenge: A large, self-funded hospital system faced severe budgetary pressures from dramatically increasing operating costs and falling systems. Compounding this pressure, the hospital system saw a material increase in costly dialysis claims. The hospital needed to contain these alarming dialysis claims while minimizing employee productivity loss and absenteeism due to CKD.

Results: In 2023, ImpactProtect significantly decreased the dialysis claims and delivered $1.7M in net savings to this healthcare system.

$1.7 Million
Net Savings

Challenge: An alliance of self-funded plans experienced a higher rate of chronic kidney disease (CKD) which forced them to grapple with unsustainably high dialysis and kidney disease-related claims.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect and ImpactCare programs greatly reduced their dialysis claims and provided clinical interventions to improve overall member health.

$110M in Net Savings
Over 14 Years

Success Stories


Massive Savings on Dialysis Claims

“Renalogic saved us significant money on that claim. It (the initial dialysis claim) came in close to a million dollars, and they immediately reduced it by 80%.”
Frank Tecumseh
Vice President of Human Resources

Massive Savings on Dialysis Claims

"Renalogic and its Cost Containment methodology decreased that first dialysis claim to $120,000, and it didn’t even hit their Stop-Loss policy. It was a home run for everybody.”
Doug Roehm
President Services Group
Health Insurance Consultant

Specialized Intervention at No Cost to Members

"Renalogic had been sending me things all along, but now I was listening…if you accept help, you can make the changes too. Take advantage of the services your employer makes available to you. Watch for the early warning signs and pay attention rather than arguing them away or ignoring them.”
Ron Benson
Plan Member
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