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Improved Outcomes Through Impactful Partnership.

When it comes to extreme dialysis claims and hidden chronic kidney disease (CKD) risks, Renalogic understands that waiting is not an option. We partner with our clients to identify and strategically address hidden risks and contain catastrophic dialysis claims. Download our case studies below to learn more about client experiences with the Renalogic Suite of Solutions and our demonstrated, improved outcomes.

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Sustainable ROI and Savings for a Health Coalition

Challenge: An alliance of self-funded plans experienced a higher rate of chronic kidney disease (CKD) which forced them to grapple with unsustainably high claims.

Results: Renalogic’s ImpactProtect and ImpactCare programs greatly reduced their dialysis claims and provided clinical interventions to improve overall member health.

$87M in Net Savings Over 13 years

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