Cost Saving Trends for Health Plans

In September and October of 2021, Renalogic sponsored market research with the country’s top benefits consultants to gauge frontline perspective on the evolution of reference-based pricing (RBP) programs. The results are in, and Renalogic is hosting an exclusive webinar to share and discuss the most recent findings on the growing strategy of RBP in the […]

Fix the Risks You Missed at Renewal

Still relying on Multiple of Medicare for Dialysis Repricing? Then, don’t miss our webinar to learn the dramatic changes in plan risks based on recent court rulings delivered late, last November — while most plans were already enrolling members. Then, we’ll look at what it takes to protect plans – even if your plan start […]

Best Practices for Dialysis Cost Containment in 2021

Saving money versus avoiding massive risk, dialysis cost containment plans are not all created equal. More than plan language, savvy health plan fiduciaries know that the real value comes from plans that do more than contain costs. In this webinar, Jim Wachtel, Rachael Benton and Ed Gonzalez will discuss best practices for putting an end […]

Specialized Case Management Drives ROI

Join our panel for a deep dive about specialized care and the positive results our case management brings to health plans and their population. The ImpactCare program is our clinically proven, high-touch specialty care management program which improves the health and vitality of members while providing cost savings and catastrophic cost avoidance. Fewer than 1% […]