Member Story

Tim and his wife Anne share their experience with Renalogic. Tim was able to leverage the various offerings and support provided by Renalogic to better manage his health condition. They are grateful for the personalized attention, advocacy, and resources Renalogic has provided to help Tim get the care he needs.

[ Webinar ] Why the Dialysis Market is Rigged Against Self-Funded Plans

The dialysis market is a complex and contentious landscape, particularly concerning its impact on self-funded health plans. This webinar will delve into the numerous factors that contribute to the disproportionate burden the dialysis market puts on such plans. From the prevalence of for-profit dialysis centers and their negotiation advantages with private insurers to the influence […]

[Webinar] ImpactClarify Claims Accountability

Health insurance claims can be complex, especially when dealing with Multiple Accountable Parties (MAP) claims. These are scenarios where more than one insurer is responsible for payment or some services are not covered. These complexities often arise in today’s health insurance landscape. To tackle these complexities, Renalogic presents ImpactClarify, a solution for Multiple Accountable Parties […]

[Webinar] M3-Renalogic Launch

M3 is excited to partner with Renalogic to help self-funded plans address the financial and human impacts of kidney disease. In a recent webinar, Ryan Barbieri, the Executive Vice President of Employee Benefits and partner at M3 Insurance, introduced our impactful solutions to his team. Join us as we reveal Renalogic’s proactive approach, designed to […]

[Webinar] Carving Out Benefits: Empowering Self-Funded Employer Plans Against High Dialysis Pricing

The U.S. outpatient dialysis care market is dysfunctional. It is a duopoly dominated by two public companies (collectively ’Big Dialysis’) that own almost 90% of all dialysis facilities in the U.S. Self-funded employer plans have been disproportionately affected by the dysfunctional dialysis market. The data indicates that ‘Big Dialysis’ charges as much as 1,200% of […]

[Webinar] Chronic Kidney Disease Unveiled: Shocking Facts, Catastrophic Costs & High Value Benefit Strategies

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is currently the #9 leading cause of death in the U.S., and it’s expected to be #5 by 2040. Last year, CKD cost commercial health plans $100 billion, yet many employers do not realize the tsunami that lies within their employee populations.   This on-demand webinar will educate attendees about CKD and […]