Celebrating Labor Day The Kidney-Friendly Way

Celebrating Labor Day the Kidney-Friendly Way

Don’t stress! We’ve curated some recipes for you to try this Labor Day.

Can you believe Labor Day is already upon us? As with any holiday or event, food is a big part of the celebration, and Labor Day is no exception. But, with all of those side dishes, entrees and more, it can be difficult and frustrating to know what to prepare for a renal-restricted diet.

We’ve taken the labor (pun intended!) out of recipe gathering, and curated a list of kidney-friendly recipes that you can use to kiss summer good-bye, and welcome in the fall.

Try a Bunless Quinoa Lamb Burgers With Curry Ketchup, or BBQ Pineapple. You can also whip up a Jalapeno, Lime, and Smoked Mozzarella Turkey Burger, if turkey burgers are more your thing. If you enjoy pineapple coleslaw, check be sure to try this easy recipe! A rub is an option to try, if you want to add a little zest to chicken or steak.

Cool down with a Berry and Peach Parfait,Lemon Cheesecake, or a Summer Fruit Cobbler.

Check out this kidney-friendly cookbook, where you can find a parsley burger, BBQ sauce, macaroni salad, coleslaw, marinated vegetables and more. Need a comprehensive Labor Day menu? Visit SodiumGirl‘s blog.

Be sure to visit our Pinterest board for more! Always talk to your health care provider, nutritionist or dietician, if you have questions about certain recipes.


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