How Well Are Your Kidneys Working?

How well are your kidneys working?

Check your Kidney Profile or GFR Levels

Kidney disease is often called the “silent killer.” More than 37 million American adults have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), yet 90 percent of people are not aware because they do not have symptoms. They may feel fine even if kidney function has decreased considerably. The good news is that anyone can detect and potentially prevent CKD through simple screening and monitoring of kidney health.

So, how do you start effectively monitoring kidney health? Start with a Kidney Profile. The Kidney Profile, which consists of blood and urine tests, is the best way to find out if you have or are progressing down the path towards kidney disease. A urine test checks for protein, which could indicate that your kidneys are damaged and an early sign of early kidney disease. A blood test will determine your Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), which will also tell how well your kidneys are working. If the words “Glomerular Filtration Rate” or eGFR are not familiar, you are not alone. Many are aware of their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, but few know about eGFR, what their number means, and how they can use it to monitor kidney function and benchmark health.

eGFR is one measure to tell you how well your kidneys work. The blood test determines creatinine levels, and those levels, combined with your age, race, and gender, are all connected to estimate your rate. An eGFR of 60 or higher is in the normal range, below 60 could mean kidney disease, and a eGFR of 15 or lower may indicate kidney failure.

At Renalogic, we know that monitoring our members GFR levels is the optimal way to take control of kidney health. Lab tests which include the GFR are included in our Kidney Health Labs program as part of their employer health plan. This program offers our members the ability to obtain regular Kidney Profile tests at No Cost to them. Not only is getting tested easy and convenient, but our Renalogic Nurse Health Coaches help our members understand their numbers and create an action plan to improve the results, and improve their overall health.

Determine your Kidney Profile or GFR when possible to ensure optimal kidney health.

Now in the wake of recent challenges, it’s never been more important to focus our efforts on maintaining the health of plan members. Find out how we can help manage your risks with proven dialysis claim repricing and the clinical outreach of our Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program.



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