Don’t be forced to react to dialysis costs. Be empowered to prevent them.

Chronic Kidney Disease often goes undiagnosed and is widely known as “the silent epidemic.”

The Problem

Early identification and intervention is proven to have a very positive impact on patient outcomes, quality of life, and cost avoidance. However, many patients are not on typical analytics or Large Case Management’s radar, and they are not being properly identified or receiving the help they need.

Our Approach

Renalogic exists to make a positive difference in the management of kidney disease by helping our clients identify high cost members who are at risk for kidney disease. It all begins with data. We provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach that focuses on pinpointing and preventing chronic conditions that lead to dialysis. Using our proprietary algorithms, we identify:

  • CKD as a diagnosis
  • Pre-cursor diagnoses (such as Diabetes, Hypertension, or High Cholesterol)
  • Episodic events that indicate a high likelihood of a member suffering from CKD but not properly diagnosed

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Proven Solution

Using innovative technology and proprietary data methods, we:

  • Develop a roadmap of your current employee population health, medical spend, and suggestions to reduce costs
  • Integrate claims data analysis and chronic disease management for transparent reporting
  • Assess ongoing kidney disease risk in your member population.

With this information you will be able to:

  • Align cost control with clinical outcomes
  • Apply predictive modeling to determine risk
  • Identify members who will benefit the most from our disease management outreach and interventions
  • Establish a baseline cost for the identified member(s) and the overall health plan

By utilizing this method, we can proactively prevent our members from progressing to dialysis.

“Every data set has an important story to tell.”

Cheryl Davis – Business Systems Analyst