Dialysis Conference Focuses On Technology Advancements In Patient Care

Dialysis conference focuses on technology advancements in patient care

2016 Theme: Current Clinical Issues Involving Kidney Healthcare Providers with Emphasis on Technological and Therapeutic Advances Affecting Patient Care.

The 18th International Conference on Dialysis attracted several medical disciplines including (but not limited to) nephrologists, cardiologists, surgeons, nurse practitioners, interventional nephrologist, nurses, and nutritionists.

Speakers and attendees came from as far away as England, Australia, Italy and Canada, and hosted those that were as close to home as Georgia and Miami, FL.

It was a forum for experts from different disciplines to interact and share ideas about chronic kidney disease, the disease that has been described as “one of the most challenging medical conditions on the planet.” according to Peter Kotanko, MD RRI Research Coordinator.

There was a lot to talk about. The speakers didn’t disappoint as they covered both adult and pediatric CKD; the development of CKD, treatments, comorbid conditions that affect the disease, dialysis and modalities, nutrition and more. Several studies and their results were presented, and the consensus was that more studies are needed to be able to conclude one way or the other.

I enjoyed and learned a lot from the topics discusses. There was a debate on the right time to start dialysis – either early vs late. Both sides were able to support the argument with lots of information and studies but at the end, it was agreed that statistics cannot determine patient care; patients must be treated individually as ‘one size does not fit all.’ I also liked that these passionate professionals all agreed that improved communication and collaboration between surgeons/nephrologists/interventional nephrologists will greatly improve treatment of CKD and patient outcome.

Overall, this was an amazing experience; it was great to learn about the different research studies, new technologies and developments in the treatment of CKD. It was also refreshing to know that there are plans for more studies about different aspects of the disease to help bring better understanding to its treatment.

This conference is endorsed by the National Kidney Foundation.