Reducing the cost of dialysis is not as simple as choosing a service or a vendor. You need the right partner with proven legal solutions.

Renalogic offers proprietary pricing methodology delivering up to 83% savings off total billed dialysis charges.

The Problem

Costs are Astonishing and Only Increasing

  • Dialysis monthly billed charges range from $60,000 to $180,000 per patient, or $720,000 to $2,160,000 per year respectively.
  • Average annual cost inflation between 8-12%.

Traditional Reference Based or Medicare Based Pricing Is NOT working

  • Watered down savings.
  • Leaves employer plans open for lawsuits.
  • Additional costly appeals and appeal overturns.
  • Aggressive patient balance billing

Our Approach

Renalogic has been providing dialysis cost containment services since 2002, saving clients nearly a billion dollars on dialysis costs. In 2013 we implemented our first Outpatient Dialysis Benefit Carve Out within the self-insured marketplace.

Our repricing methodology allows clients to choose when to use our language, and when to use other options when that is more beneficial for them. This gives clients maximum flexibility to select the appropriate option for each situation.

  • Proprietary plan language allows re-pricing for in-network and/or out-of-network dialysis claims
  • Appropriate for use in ERISA, Taft-Hartley, and other plan environments.
  • Expert and effective appeals support.

Excessive Dialysis Costs?

Proven Solution

Our proven dialysis cost containment solutions have been trailblazing the self-funded marketplace for nearly two decades. We provide industry-leading change that demonstrates improved bottom line results for our clients.

  • No appeals lost. Ever.
  • Exclusive PPO Network solution for out-patient dialysis costs.
  • Proprietary pricing methodology delivering up to 91% savings.
  • Re-insurers may reduce or waive lasers when our program is applied.

“We strive to be a force – a force that can positively influence the businesses we work with…positively influencing their employee’s health, and positively influencing provider awareness and education…”

Lisa L. Moody – Chief Executive Officer