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Dialysis Patient Experience Report From Renalogic and Lyfebulb Reveals the Unpredictable, Disruptive Impact of Dialysis Treatment for Those Suffering From Kidney Disease

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Renalogic, a leading provider of healthcare solutions for self-funded plans and their members dealing with chronic kidney disease (CKD), partnered with Lyfebulb, a patient empowerment platform that develops and operates the online community TransplantLyfe, to survey dialysis patients to gain valuable insights into the firsthand experiences and challenges of managing this chronic illness.

Alarmingly, 62% of dialysis treatments were unplanned, which shows the unpredictability and disruption of CKD. Over half (54%) of patients reported having to stop work while on dialysis and 50% had visited the emergency room or been hospitalized in the past year.

“Dialysis patients face immense physical, emotional and logistical challenges in managing their condition,” said Kevin Weinstein, CEO of Renalogic. ” By partnering with Lyfebulb to amplify the perspectives of this patient community, we aim to drive meaningful changes that enhance the dialysis experience and clinical outcomes.”

The survey is summarized in a report that covers a range of topics, including:

  • Financial impact of dialysis
  • The taxing physical and mental effects of dialysis
  • Barriers to accessing high-quality care and support services
  • Impacts on the workplace

“We were pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Renalogic on this survey to tap into our community and dig into the impact of dialysis on the patients who are undergoing treatment,” stated Karin Hehenberger, President of Lyfebulb and Chief Medical Officer of Patient Care America. “While we know that dialysis is truly life-saving and necessary for survival for many, we also know that we can do more and better for this community of those living with ESRD.”

Renalogic and Lyfebulb are committed to leveraging these insights to drive meaningful change and enhance the quality of life for the dialysis community. You can access the Dialysis Patient Experience report here!

About Renalogic:

Founded in 2002, Renalogic helps self-funded plans and their members manage the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis treatment. We help plans manage dialysis claims with cost-containment and transparency solutions while working to prevent members from progressing to dialysis with our care management programs. Renalogic has helped clients save hundreds of millions of dollars and helped stop CKD from progressing for thousands of members.Learn more by visiting 

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Nick Severino | SVP, Marketing

About Lyfebulb:

Lyfebulb, a Patient Care America company, is an innovation accelerator that reduces the burden of living with chronic disease through the power of the patient. By connecting patients, industry, and investors, Lyfebulb fosters the development of patient-centered solutions to improve quality of life for those affected with a chronic condition. For more information, visit and


Karin Hehenberger, MD, PhD | President, Lyfebulb and Chief Medical Officer, Patient Care America

About Renalogic

Founded in 2002, Renalogic helps self-funded plans of all sizes and their U.S-based health plan members reduce the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis treatment. We help plans manage dialysis claims costs and work to prevent members from progressing to dialysis. Through our cost containment and population health management solutions, Renalogic is 230% better than commercial plans at identifying undiagnosed CKD, 86% effective at preventing members from kidney failure and delivers 84.5% average savings off contracted rates with our claims repricing. We’ve saved our clients over $780,000,000 and helped stop CKD from progressing for thousands of members.