It is time to think differently about kidney disease and dialysis.”

Dialysis costs are not inevitable. They are avoidable. In 2002 we pioneered dialysis cost containment and we continue to revolutionize this industry by avoiding costs through the Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program.


It is our mission as industry trailblazers to help self-funded employers do the right thing. Not only for their bottom line, but for the overall health of their employees.

Lisa L. Moody – Chief Executive Officer


What we do

Renalogic is committed to resolve the significant costs of dialysis by empowering our clients with alternative solutions while improving each member’s health and reversing the progression of kidney disease.

Data Analysis. Proprietary

Know your risk. Forecast your medical spend.

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Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program.

Avoid dialysis costs with clinical intervention.

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Dialysis Cost

More than 80% off full billed charges for dialysis.

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Proof of performance

Don’t just contain dialysis costs.
Avoid them entirely.

“My vision is that our Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program (KDAP) will evolve into managing every condition related to kidney disease, fighting to make dialysis a rarely sought treatment. We are seeing exponential growth because the market is ready to stop dialysis. Join us in our fight!”

Sally Reppucci– Vice President of Projects and Quality

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