How Do You Measure “healthy”?

How do you measure “healthy”?

Before you reach for that side of fries or extra bacon, you may want to consider how your food and fat consumption could be affecting not only your waistline, but your kidneys, too. According to a new study, diets with higher concentrations of dietary fat increased risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD). You might still want to pass on the extra carbs and fat, even if you’re sitting at what is traditionally considered a healthy weight. Healthy weight may no longer be an indication of overall health. Researchers are discovering more people at a healthy weight have prediabetes, and are proposing to rethink the guidelines for health indicators.

How do you maintain high engagement with employees in your wellness program? The National Business Group on Health says to focus on personalization and support from direct managers and colleagues. The survey also found that employees wanted employers to help and encourage modification of unhealthy behaviors or managing financial issues.

This can be particularly interesting, as a recent study from the American Health Policy Institute has shown that approximately “1.2% of all members incur 31% of total healthcare spending.”This means a small, unhealthy population drives up the healthcare spending 29 times greater than the average member. The study found that 53% of healthcare costs for high cost claimants are for chronic conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes.

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