Keepin’ It Renal: Let’s Raise Awareness For Kidney Disease

Keepin’ It Renal: Let’s raise awareness for kidney disease

Most are familiar with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and awful cancer. To me at least, these are the most well-known diseases/conditions affecting the country.

I started with Renalogic just over four months ago, but I have an extensive background in the healthcare industry and health care innovations. I have worked with healthcare providers and medical staff, but if you asked me about kidney disease a few months ago, I would say, ‘Kidney Stones?’

That would pretty much be the extent of my knowledge of diseases that affect the kidney. Dialysis? Oh, yeah, I forgot that’s for the kidneys, and that’s not really a big issue affecting our country because it’s never in the news.

Well, Chronic Kidney Disease is an issue, a big issue! First, kidney disease often has no symptoms and often goes undetected until very advanced stages, and when life sustaining treatment of dialysis (read about dialysis here) or a kidney transplant is needed! That’s pretty scary! Sitting in a facility, hooked up to a machine for hours a day, for the rest of your life, or until, and if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets a transplant.

1 in 3 American adults are at risk for developing kidney disease. Yikes! And remember me talking about diabetes and high blood pressure? Well, the top 2 causes of kidney disease are, you guessed it, diabetes and high blood pressure.

A gentlemen named Derek was an unfortunate victim of the lack of knowledge of kidney disease and its causes. He had high blood pressure for years and didn’t take his medicine because he couldn’t afford it and was somewhat in denial of its importance. For over 10 years he ignored his high blood pressure and one day he noticed blood in his urine. In the hospital, he was diagnosed with ESRD or End Stage Renal Disease. His kidneys were only functioning at 15 percent. High blood pressure severely damaged his kidneys and he would need dialysis to stay alive. Read Derek’s personal account of his experience here.

By creating awareness, we can prevent cases like Derek’s. By treating high blood pressure and diabetes, you can greatly reduce your risk of Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease (3).

Wondering whether you should check up on your kidney health? There is a community-based program with the goal of education and reduction of risk. You can look here for an event near you. Or make an appointment with your local primary care doctor and ask about kidney disease. And for those who have known risk factors, high blood pressure or diabetes, routinely getting your kidneys checked by visiting a primary care physician to get a blood and urine test to monitor for changes would be recommended.

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