At Renalogic our goal is to prevent and ultimately stop the progression of chronic kidney disease with a network of nurses nationwide that provide members with clinical intervention and empowering support.

The Kidney Disease Prevention Program (KDPP) was created to proactively support health plan members who may be at risk of entering the various stages of chronic kidney disease. When applied within the early stages of chronic kidney disease, research has shown that clinical kidney health programs have the capability to completely stop the progression of chronic kidney disease.

The Problem

Medical claims data can identify members at all stages of diagnosed Chronic Kidney Disease and kidney impairment, but typical Large Case Management models do not have a program that focuses on the issue of kidney disease, end-to-end renal care, or renal cost management solutions.

In fact, most groups do not focus on members until an episodic event occurs, such as a high-dollar hospital stay, Emergency Room visit, or pre-dialysis authorization.

Our Approach

Our Registered Nurses work with members to slow the progression of kidney disease, preserve or improve kidney function, improve overall health, and reduce the cost of care for members who might otherwise progress to End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

“Let’s rally around the awareness of chronic kidney disease before it adversely affects more than the already 40,000,000 in the United States that do not know they suffer from it.”

Rachael Benton – Internal Process Consultant

Renalogic Registered Nurses:
Activate positive change in a member’s behavior
Develop trusting relationships with members and their families
Provide education and awareness about their kidney disease
Advocate for members as they navigate through the healthcare system

To identify and manage your member’s kidney health, we:

  • Perform the risk stratification process of cross-referencing all members that we identify with our proprietary algorithms
  • Verify if those members are already being case managed
  • Reach out and work with your identified members on understanding their health conditions and everything related to their symptoms from kidney disease
  • Provide chronic care management and planning based on our proprietary clinical pathways
  • Facilitate pre-emptive kidney transplantation and support evaluation

Let us get to work for you!

Proven Solutions

We reduce costs and improve the health of members who struggle with kidney disease. We focus on ensuring they do not progress to dialysis.

  • Hospital and emergency room costs decrease
  • Decrease annual medical costs associated with the comorbid conditions that negatively impact kidney function decrease
  • Specialized, individualized care plans established for each member
  • Threat of future dialysis costs dramatically reduced