Integrate Dialysis Cost Containment & Care Management Services

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) costs commercial health plans more than $100 billion annually. It’s not if but when self-funded plans will be impacted by CKD and dialysis costs.

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Reduce Financial Exposure & Keep Claims Low

Renalogic provides proprietary solutions designed to protect your bottom line from increasingly expensive dialysis claims and CKD costs.

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Enhance business retention strategy and win new business with effective, holistic plans.

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Reduce risks and costs, and protect your bottom line from catastrophic claims with increased insight into future CKD-related costs. This allows all stakeholders to proactively take action.

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Identify hidden CKD risks with our proprietary algorithm for more effective and proactive plan management.

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Gain better visibility sooner for dialysis and CKD risks with data analytics and reporting provided months in advance.

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Winning Solutions for Winning New Business.

Renalogic’s dialysis cost containment and preventive programs differentiate our partners with proven solutions. Our expertise, transparency and proprietary methodology enable partners to deliver savings and results, and prevent future costs.

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Cost avoidance as 98.3% of participating members have avoided dialysis.

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Self-funded plans save 84.5% on contracted dialysis claims' costs.

Protect Plan Assets and Reverse the Progression of CKD.

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