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Create a Distinct Differentiator Over National Networks.

Dialysis claims and chronic kidney disease (CKD) costs can wreak havoc on health plans. Deliver proven solutions that provide unmatched savings on dialysis claims and CKD risk mitigation to prevent future costs.

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Group 711

It’s Not If, But When.

In today’s competitive network space, organizations can be challenged to maximize value and stand out. Renalogic can help.

Create a more attractive, competitive plan with Renalogic. With our proven solutions, PPO networks can offer more competitive rates to employer groups across the country, allowing them to cut costs on one of the most expensive claims that affect their population and proactively address an issue that is an eventuality.

Group 716

Proven methodology provides discount savings on dialysis claims and CKD costs.

Group 708

Risk stratification and predictive analytics deliver a more comprehensive understanding of plan adequacy.

Group 713

ImpactProtect removes the need to have antiquated, broad-based or uniform network agreements as the only way to access dialysis providers.

Group 714

Cost-containment solutions offer additional options for negotiation with large dialysis organizations.


$100 Billion
CKD costs your health plan clients over $100 Billion annually.

Deliver Solutions that Stand Out.

Renalogic expertly negotiates high-cost dialysis claims, giving you a different option for traditional networks, and access to our proprietary program which identifies the CKD risk population to prevent future costs.

Group 690

Client savings against contracted dialysis rates.

Protect Plan Assets and Reverse the Progression of CKD.

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