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Renalogic Announces Highly Successful Member Outcomes in 2021

Media Release

Clinical success included holding 99.7% of members from progressing to dialysis

CHICAGO, IL (March 14, 2022) – Renalogic, the leading company helping employers and self-funded health plans fight the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease, today announced the highly successful results of their clinical services for 2021.

Renalogic works with self-insured clients to identify employees and/or covered members who have been diagnosed with, or are at risk for developing, chronic kidney disease (CKD). Members are risk-stratified and assigned an expert clinical support team to help minimize, and in some cases reverse, the progression of CKD.

Every year, Renalogic’s clinical team reviews the impact of its programs in terms of clinical and cost outcomes.  Today, Renalogic announced these industry-leading results for members enrolled during 2021:

  • 99.7% success rate in preventing progression to Dialysis
  • 91% reduction in ER visits
  • 89% reduction in hospital admissions
  • Average PMPM savings of greater than $500

“We are very proud of the results our clinical team achieved in supporting our client plans’ members,” said Kevin Weinstein, CEO of Renalogic. “Our NCQA certified clinical services create real measurable results, both clinically and financially.  By combining focused analytics, administrative member services, and health coaching and care management, our teams support members in making meaningful changes and navigating the complex world of CKD.”

Renalogic’s clinical services support more than 75 employer-sponsored health plans and their employees and members.  Health plans using Renalogic’s clinical services range in size from 100-25,000 members.

“As an organization, we focus on continual improvement,” said Mark Masson, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Renalogic.  “That means we’re always evaluating the latest clinical research and data science improvements to hone our service offering, from enrollment and recruitment to clinical coaching to administrative member services.  We’re constantly identifying  ways to make a positive impact on our clients’ members’ lives.”

About Renalogic

Renalogic is a purpose-driven business dedicated to reducing the human and financial costs of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other illnesses for employer-based and other self-funded health plans. Founded in 2002, Renalogic combines NCQA-accredited Population Health Management clinical services, and cost containment services to simultaneously improve health outcomes and reduce costs. While we work on behalf of employers and self-funded plans, the Renalogic Five-Star Alignment Model™ enables benefit brokers and consultants, third party administrators, captive managers, and stop-loss carriers to actively guide and participate in the process of reducing their client’s costs and improving member health. With a clinical track record of preventing 99% of members with CKD progressing to dialysis, and cumulative client savings of more than $750 million, Renalogic is the recognized leader in helping employers and self-funded health plans fight CKD.