Renalogic Participates In MEI & AAKP KidneyWorks™ Stakeholder Meeting

Renalogic participates in MEI & AAKP KidneyWorks™ stakeholder meeting

A few weeks ago, I attended a KidneyWorks™ stakeholder meeting hosted by Medical Education Institute (MEI) and the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) in Washington D.C.  MEI is partnering with AAKP on KidneyWorks™ to focus on addressing the lack of employment among people with later stages of CKD.

KidneyWorks™ is a long-term comprehensive initiative to:

  • Investigate barriers to continued employment for people with non-dialysis CKD
  • Identify strategies to help working age people with CKD slow the disease progression and keep their jobs
  • Develop resources and programs to support people with CKD in the workforce

The focus of the recent meeting was to understand the current state of CKD patient employment, and identify challenges and data gaps from the multiple stakeholder perspectives on the issue.  Consensus was reached on goals, strategies, and tactics that could be applied to improve job retention among people with late stage (non-dialysis) CKD.   The product of the meeting will be the creation of a white paper that fully describes the issue and identifies both strategies to implement and constituent groups to involve, all of which will be necessary to achieve KidneyWorks™ goals.


Attending the meeting was a cross-disciplinary panel of experts from the fields of vocational rehabilitation, nephrology social work, and health policy development,  nephrology clinicians, leaders from various Dialysis Organizations (LDOs and SDOs), and representatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), the Department of Labor (DOL), Health and Human Services (HHS IDEALab), American Health Quality Association (AHRQ), and two CKD patients who are leaders within the AAKP organization and work on behalf of AAKP as Washington lobbyists.

Our company works with TPAs, Multi-Employer Groups and Employers to identify those with undiagnosed CKD. Renalogic’s team of nurse coaches are advocates for both undiagnosed and diagnosed members, who in turn empower participants of the program to understand and control their disease(s).

This meeting clearly demonstrated the need to raise awareness of chronic kidney disease and the need to advocate for programs similar to these in the renal community. Renalogic stands behind and applauds this effort, and looks forward to assisting in this issue.


Renalogic, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, was founded in 2002 as a specialty dialysis cost-containment company to help clients understand the unique market dynamics in the dialysis provider community. The company has evolved to become a comprehensive provider of data-driven, end-to-end chronic kidney disease (CKD) care and cost management programs for the self-insured industry. Renalogic’s professional team includes leaders in healthcare administration, care management, legal specialists in ERISA and healthcare law, contract negotiation, payer/provider negotiation, and clinical experts.