Renalogic Sponsor Spotlight Home Dialysis Central

Renalogic Sponsor Spotlight Home Dialysis Central

Dialysis Patients Thrive Through Education, Activation and Clinical Support

17 years ago, Renalogic pioneered cost containment for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and dialysis, allowing our clients to continue offering affordable healthcare to their employees. Using a proprietary methodology, we enable Plans to obtain discounts of over 80% off full billed charges for outpatient dialysis. However, we knew we could do better using our resources, science and technology. We are experts in cost containing. Now we are also experts helping patients throughout all phases of ESRD, including those currently on dialysis.

The Renalogic Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management Program, launched in 2013, is the brain child of our CEO and President, Lisa Greenblott Moody. The program begins with the use of our proprietary algorithms to identify a client’s at-risk population for CKD and those currently on dialysis. These patients need constant clinical and emotional support because they may also have diabetes, high blood pressure and/or other conditions that impact their ability to stay healthy. Our Registered Nurse Case Managers, specialists in kidney health, work closely with each patient to provide them with the education, coaching and tools to successfully manage their lifestyles before and throughout dialysis. The nurses build a trust relationship with their assigned patient, and from that relationship, amazing clinical outcomes can happen, resulting in better health and improved quality of life for the patient.

One of the keypoints our nurses stress when they are working with their patients are the benefits of home modalities. Research has shown that home modalities are a better choice because they are more closely aligned with a patient’s normal kidney function since they are able to dialyze every day, often while they are sleeping. Patients can continue working and living their life as they did prior to their dialysis diagnoses. Renalogic proudly supports Home Dialysis Central because dialyzing at home can be more flexible and comfortable for patients. They feel better sooner and stay healthier longer.

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