Save Money On Glucometers, Medication

Save money on glucometers, medication

Our nurses work with members to manage not only their health, but their medications and medical devices. For someone with diabetes, replacing a faulty glucometer be the difference of a new glucometer or an emergency room visit.

A glucometer is a tool used by someone with diabetes and gestational diabetes. It is used to measure and monitor blood glucose levels. Knowing how your diabetes is impacted by health choices, such as diet and exercise, is critical for you and your providers. Ultimately, it will help you come up with a successful treatment plan to manage your diabetes.

Meet Ralph

The cost of managing diabetes aren’t always apparent. Many manufacturers will provide a FREE meter but the strips are costly. Brand name strips can cost about $1 per strip, if not more!

Let’s take Ralph. Ralph is lucky, because he has insurance coverage through his employer’s health plan which will cover the expense of the plan’s designated glucometer. But, while shopping for a glucometer, he discovered it cost less to purchase the store brand meter and strips.

Ralph spent about $60 for the meter, alcohol pads, and 300 strips at CVS. Sam’s, Walgreens, and Walmart also have a store brand version glucometer and strips.

This is significantly less than it would cost for the FREE meter with the health plan’s designated glucometer and that brand’s testing strips!

If you are a veterans or Native American, check with your insurance provider, as many find that they don’t have any out-of-pocket expenses with their benefit.

The most frequent tip one of our nurses shares with members is to look for and use pharmaceutical coupons.

“Medication that would cost $200 month can be obtained for $25 per month with savings coupon from the manufacturer,” said Nancy Plute, a Registered Nurse with Renalogic. “I encourage members and patients to always be on the lookout for opportunities to find savings. It pays to shop around!”

Read this consumer report about selecting a glucometer on a budget. For more guides, visit Diabetic Living. If you are currently working with a Renalogic Nurse Coach, reach out to her for glucometer recommendations and other tips on managing your diabetes.


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