Redefining how self-funded employers view dialysis.

Renalogic continues to be the leader in dialysis cost containment and kidney disease management within the self-funded industry.

Kidney disease is a preventable and even avoidable condition and so are the costs associated with it. We are the only company mastering chronic kidney disease prevention and dialysis cost containment for the self-funded health plan industry.

Kidney Disease? Dialysis Costs? Learn more.

If you are a TPA, we can help your plans save substantial money on dialysis claims while implementing sustainable kidney disease management programs to prevent future dialysis costs.

If you are a reinsurer or stop-loss carrier, you are faced with tough competitive choices of risking a premium increase, lasering dialysis members, or facing a hit on the medical loss ratio. Our comprehensive programs can make this choice easy for you and your clients.

If you are a broker/consultant/MGU, winning new business in the current competitive environment, and retaining existing clients depends on bringing real solutions to the problems your clients face. Our comprehensive programs can make this choice easy for you and your clients.

As a self-funded employer, you know how much your employees depend on you for their medical coverage. Monthly dialysis costs range from $60,000 to $180,000 per member, or $720,000 to $2,160,000 per year respectively. These costs could put your plan at risk. We will manage those costs for you and prevent future dialysis costs from happening with our Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program (KDAP).

Renalogic can address these risks across the spectrum of renal disease. We are an end to end solution for renal care cost reduction. We have developed an innovative, data-driven set of solutions that control costs, improve outcomes, and provide customized solutions for our clients.

We accomplish this through a comprehensive approach to kidney care to go along with our dialysis cost containment programs. Our Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program is designed to identify and intervene with members at risk or at the earliest stages of kidney failure to help halt its progression or reverse the disease state.

“In my eleven years at Renalogic, we have never stopped innovating. Our programs and services grow every year and we are proud to serve the self-funded industry.”

Kea Nielsen
Senior Director of Cost Containment Program and Compliance