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SIIA Industry Updates and Trends: ENGAGING in a World Where Transparency Matters.

The SIIA 43rd Annual National Conference was a great experience that drove great discussion around industry trends regarding new compliance regulations, particularly with 2023 enforcement deadlines approaching for the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and Transparency in Coverage (TiC) rule. The enforcement deadline for the web-based price transparency tool could prove to have an interesting effect on dialysis pricing and costs from LDOs.

Following the Supreme Court Ruling on June 21, 2022, in favor of self-funded health plans in the Marietta Memorial Hospital, et al. v. DaVita, et al., DaVita helped propose a new bill that could challenge and limit self-funded health plans from dialysis repricing. In this proposed bill, the case is made that dialysis should be covered by health plans like other chronic condition treatments.

As dialysis costs are made more transparent per CAA requirements, the repricing and non-repricing costs will become more visible for health plans and members, which presents an added layer of complexity as 1/1 approaches with the new proposed bill affecting repricing.

Renalogic’s Suite of Solutions enables health plans to both prevent and manage chronic kidney disease and contain extreme dialysis costs, and we will continue to be an industry leader in providing the best risk and cost-containment solutions in the best interest of care and in a world where transparency matters.

If we missed you at SIIA, let’s make sure we connect soon to discuss new requirements and Renalogic’s Suite of Solutions.

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Chief Commercial Officer
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Chief Executive Officer
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President & Chief Operating Officer
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