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Member Advocacy at the Right Time

Managing chronic disease conditions can be overwhelming and confusing for plan members. This comprehensive member advocacy program helps members traverse the challenging healthcare landscape.

Supporting members with late-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD)
and end-stage renal disease (ESRD), ImpactAdvocate prepares members for transition into ESRD by helping members understand clinical and coverage options. The member advocacy program is designed to educate plan members about their diseases and then
guide them to the most effective treatment options.



80 percent of members actively engaged with a Renalogic advocate avoid a costly and emergent start to dialysis.

How It Works

  • ImpactAdvocate’s risk review service leverages a combination of algorithms, member-supplied qualitative data, provider-supplied medical records and data, and a detailed clinical review of claims to identify at-risk members.

  • The ImpactAdvocate team meets weekly to evaluate members, ensuring they are under specialized clinician oversight.

  • ImpactAdvocate also has an Emergent Task Force team that meets regularly to identify members who are at-risk for emergent care and in need of early intervention.

  • ImpactAdvocate provides vital Medicare education to members, as well as critical education on CKD and ESRD disease states.


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