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Most employer groups fail to focus on at-risk chronic kidney disease (CKD) members until an episodic event occurs, such as a high-dollar hospital stay, emergency room visit, or pre-dialysis authorization.

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of people with CKD do not know they have it.


$100 Billion

CKD costs commercial health plans annually.

Proactive and Preventive Action Pays Off

ImpactCare was created because medical research repeatedly indicates that early identification, combined with specialized intervention and management, can significantly delay the progression of chronic kidney disease, while also reducing the subsequent health plan costs.

Our Registered Nurses work with members to slow the progression of kidney disease, preserve or improve kidney function, improve overall health, and reduce the cost of care for members who might otherwise progress to end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Renalogic Registered Nurses:


Motivate positive change in a member’s behavior.


Provide education and awareness about their kidney disease.


Develop trusting relationships with members and their families.


Advocate for members as they navigate through the healthcare system.

Industry-Leading Outcomes

Renalogic reduces costs and improves the health of members who struggle with kidney disease. We focus on ensuring they do not progress to dialysis, and we have proven results that:

  • Reduce hospital and emergency room costs.

  • Decrease annual medical costs associated  with kidney related comorbidities.

  • Establish specialized, tailored care plans for each member.


Cost avoidance as 98.3% of participating members have avoided dialysis.


Clients save more than $2,400 per member per year for members enrolled in our ImpactCare program.

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