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A Solution for Multiple Accountable Parties (MAP) Claims

For most insured patients, claims are covered with a cost share (deductible, copay, coinsurance) and the health benefit plan picks up the rest. But, what about cases that are not so simple?

For example:

Group 700

What if there is more than one insurer responsible for payment?

Group 703

What if some services are not covered?

Group 710

What if the plan paid a portion of an out-of-network claim but the member is eligible for charity care because of their income level and site of service?

What Is ImpactClarify?

ImpactClarify is a new offering from the cost containment experts at Renalogic to consider these possibilities, clarify appropriate accountable parties and properly allocate payment by the appropriate parties.

Our process facilitates the:

  • RIGHT payment in the

  • RIGHT amount by the

  • RIGHT party for these Multiple Accountable Parties (MAP) claims.

How It Works

ImpactClarify can save both plans and members hundreds of thousands of dollars with our proven ACAP™ four-step process:


Renalogic analyzes claims for any triggers related to complex, costly claims which may have other financially responsible parties.


Our dedicated legal expert assesses the claim to identify all responsible parties.


Working with all stakeholders, an agreement is reached to properly assign monetary responsibility.


Our financial and operational experts facilitate the proper processing of funds according to the developed agreement.

Why It Matters

ImpactClarify ensures that the appropriate party is responsible for their applicable claims costs including workers compensation carriers, liability carriers such as automobile or property, providers with charitable obligations and any other responsible third party.

ImpactClarify is 100% results driven, with no upfront costs to clients. If our clients don’t save money, ImpactClarify is free.


As experts in cost containment for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis services since 2002, ImpactClarify expands our services beyond CKD to address MAP Claims, where payment responsibility and appropriate allocation belongs to entities beyond the primary insurer. Most benefit plans, and even their hired administrators and advisors, lack the expertise, experience, and bandwidth to properly clarify monetary responsibility to protect plan assets and its members. We can fill those gaps.

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