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Waiting for a chronic kidney disease (CKD) diagnosis is not an option. Known as the "silent killer," CKD often has no symptoms until the advanced stages of the disease. Many people have undiagnosed CKD, which leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and early death.


1 in 7

U.S. adults are estimated to have CKD.


9 in 10

U.S. adults don't know they have CKD.

Proactive and Preventive Action Pays Off

Renalogic’s proprietary algorithm provides a comprehensive, data-driven approach that focuses on predicting and preventing chronic conditions that lead to dialysis. Our risk stratification identifies the hidden risk of CKD which gives us insight into future high-cost claims and a path to tailored intervention that reduces associated risk.

How It Works

ImpactIQ enables health plans, third-party administrators (TPAs), and stop-loss carriers to identify, stratify, and quantify the hidden risks posed by CKD. By analyzing biomarkers, claims data, and member and provider-reported information, ImpactIQ not only identifies health plan members with diagnosed CKD, including CKD stage, but ImpactIQ also identifies members with undiagnosed CKD and those with an increased risk of developing CKD due to comorbidities and health trends. ImpactIQ uncovers insights into the potential costs associated with such members, as well as actionable intelligence and paths to tailored interventions to improve member health, lower overall medical costs, and safeguard health plan financial assets.

ImpactIQ Involves Six Key Steps:


Receive claims data


Medical record review


Member assessment


Clinical review


Client check-in


Targeted interventions

Protect and Prevent

ImpactIQ is a part of the Renalogic Suite of solutions designed to uncover and quantify hidden risks associated with CKD and undiagnosed CKD. Renalogic’s solutions are combined into three different packages to work together and address specific and unique health plan risks and costs.

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A Healthy Financial Impact for Healthcare Providers

See how one client experienced $1.3M in net savings with the Renalogic Suite.

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