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Put an end to excessive dialysis costs.

Dialysis comes at a steep price to members and health plans.

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Every day about 380 U.S. adults start dialysis.

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Dialysis monthly billed charges range from $60,000 to $180,000 per member,
or $720,000 to $2,160,000 per year respectively.

Group 692

Average annual dialysis claims' costs escalate between 8-12% each year.

Group 693

Employer health plans are charged 4x-10x more per dialysis treatment than Medicare is charged.

The watered-down savings from traditional Reference-Based Pricing or Medicare-Based Pricing fail to solve the problem of dialysis costs, resulting in additional costly appeals, and often leaving employer plans unprotected against lawsuits. It’s time to put an end to excessive dialysis costs.

Proven Solutions for Immediate Results

Renalogic’s proven dialysis cost-containment solutions have been trailblazing the self-funded marketplace for nearly two decades. We provide industry-leading change that protects health plan assets.

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Client savings against contracted rates on dialysis claims costs.


$100 Billion

Annually, commercial health plans spend $100 Billion on claims related to CKD.

  • Proprietary plan language allows re-pricing for in-network and/or out-of-network dialysis claims.

  • 99%+ success rate against appeals.

  • Court rulings validated Renalogic plan design a safe harbor for Multiple of Medicare (MoM) plans.

  • Re-insurers may reduce or waive lasers when our program is applied.

  • Exclusive PPO Network solution for dialysis costs.

  • Appropriate for use in ERISA, Taft-Hartley, and other plan environments.

  • Plus, PPO Network solutions for dialysis costs.

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