Breea Gale

Vice President of People Engagement

As Breea obtained her B.A. in HR Management and B.S. in Management and Leadership from Portland State University, She was taught that HR is a complex system of rules to which to adhere.  Then, one professor shared something that would stay with her forever – success is not about what someone achieves but how they achieve it.  From that moment, Breea knew she wanted to do HR differently – making HR an integral part of a business’ soul versus an oft-forgotten appendage.  She has spent nearly ten years helping companies realize their potential by focusing on the most critical asset – the people. She first started working with Renalogic as a Consultant in 2018, joined us as our Director of People Engagement in 2019, and was promoted to Vice President of People Engagement in 2020.  She lives and works from Portland, Oregon.