Lisa L. Moody

President and CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer

Since 2008, Lisa has been President and CEO for Renalogic. Lisa is responsible for overseeing and directing all strategic initiatives as they relate to People, Process and Product, while ensuring the strength of our organizational health. Lisa places a high priority on our ability to demonstrate and carry out the Renalogic mission and vision. She has been instrumental in leading the development of core values that reflect our commitment to our clients and to the industry. Lisa consistently works to create a diverse and satisfying work experience for our growing employee base. A second generational family-owned company, Lisa has been with Renalogic since its inception in 2002. She encourages and leads the disruptive entrepreneurial spirit for positive change that continues to drive the evolution of Renalogic today.

Lisa has been a longstanding member of SIIA (Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.) and was instrumental in promoting Renalogic, as she was one of the first cost containment consultants for SIIA Diamond members. She is also a long standing member of HCAA (Health Care Administrators Association) and an active advocate and supporter within the self-insured community to help promote industry initiatives. Lisa graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and is a highly respected leader for change management in the health care industry.