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Fight the Health and Financial Costs of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and dialysis costs are an epidemic issue. At Renalogic, we form a true partnership to address your unique needs for dialysis cost containment and managing chronic kidney disease risks. Whether you are a self-insured employer, an industry partner, or PPO, Renalogic has the expertise to deliver proven results to meet your needs.

Solutions For



Present cost savings that surpass any traditional model. Deliver tailored plans to tackle your clients’ urgent dialysis claims and a seamless implementation process to protect them from future costs associated with CKD. With Renalogic’s proven solutions, gain new business while proactively providing your clients with a turn-key dialysis cost-containment and preventative program.

TPAs and ASOs


Use Renalogic’s proprietary pricing methodology to save your plans substantial money on dialysis claims, averaging net savings of 78% off dialysis claims costs. In addition, customize your coverage with the Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program to enhance savings through proven cost avoidance with 99.7% of program participants avoiding dialysis altogether.



Collaborate with Renalogic to protect your clients from increasingly expensive dialysis claims. Implement our proven solutions to quickly provide the needed methodology, tools, and education to prevent lasering dialysis members, reduce stop-loss claims, and to offer effective holistic plans and more favorable rates on stop-loss coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans


Stop sacrificing coverage for Medicare Advantage plans due to inflated CKD related costs. Renalogic’s proprietary cost-containment and industry-leading expertise can further reduce dialysis costs and our methodology and experts seamlessly work with your existing architecture for proven, unmatchable cost-savings.

PPO Networks


Partner with Renalogic experts on high-cost services like dialysis, for tremendous savings and a competitive advantage against national networks. Renalogic expertly negotiates high-cost dialysis claims, giving you a different option for traditional networks, and access to our proprietary program which identifies your CKD risk population to prevent future costs.



Be prepared for catastrophic dialysis claims by being proactive now. By partnering with Renalogic, you can limit the risk and expense of the entire population. With Renalogic’s Kidney Dialysis Avoidance program and proprietary cost-containment for dialysis claims, you can reduce and manage the claims’ risks and costs for everyone.

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