Lisa L. Moody

President and Chief Executive Officer

Since 2008, Lisa has been President and CEO for Renalogic. Lisa is responsible for overseeing and directing all
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John R. Christiansen

Chief Legal Officer

John has practiced law since 1985, with an emphasis on health care issues since the early 1990s. After practicing in
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Sally H. Reppucci

Executive Vice President of Operations and Technology

Sally is the Executive Vice President of Operations and Technology for Renalogic. Sally has been
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Jay Ginsberg, MD, MMM

Chief Medical Officer

Jay Ginsberg graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with his MD in 1977. Following an internal medicine
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Jim C. Wachtel

Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing

Jim is responsible for sales and marketing innovation, strategy and operations while implementing comprehensive
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Mark S. Masson

Executive Vice President New Markets and Business Development

Mark is responsible for identification and strategy on entering new market verticals and market segments, defining and
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