Last year, doctors diagnosed Ron Benson, of National Beef Packing Company, with extreme high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, and morbid obesity. After a long talk with his wife, Ron decided he had a lot to live for, and changes were in order.

“My employer provides us with many resources to help us, I just wasn’t using them,” Ron said. “Renalogic had been sending me things all along, but now I was listening,” Ron said. The monthly outreach from the clinical staff “experts” at Renalogic and the positive motivation he received from his nurse, Jessica, helped him turn the corner.

“I want people to see my story and see that if you accept help, you can make the changes,” Ron said. Take advantage of the services your employer makes available to you. Watch for the early warning signs and pay attention rather than arguing them away or ignoring them. “

Ron has one motivation for sharing his story, “I want others to realize you can’t wait until you’re on your death bed before seeking help.”

Specialized intervention pays off. Let’s get started.