We Are Disruptors Standing for What is Right.

For nearly two decades, we continue to be proud, forward-thinking leaders in a niche industry that is in crisis. We are an ambitious disruptor driving positive change for kidney disease management. We are changing the way you need to think about dialysis.

Kidney disease costs are an epidemic issue that will not resolve on its own. The logical approach is to get ahead of the curve. We are one company, one cause, leading the industry again by empowering our clients to avoid dialysis altogether with solutions and technology for kidney disease management.

No one does what we do. We exist to open minds, achieve sustainable results for our clients and be an advocate for kidney disease management and dialysis prevention. Do not be reactive to the dialysis epidemic any longer. Be proactive today. Now.

Proactive and preventative action pays off. Let’s get Started.


Unsurpassed risk modeling for kidney disease and all related conditions that identify one of the most costly, leading health conditions in America.

  • Complimentary risk evaluation.
  • 100% transparency into your population’s risk of dialysis and future healthcare costs.
  • Proprietary algorithms using more than 43,000 clinical combinations.


End to end renal care management using proactive clinical intervention guided by our team of board certified nephrologists, registered nurses and renal experts.

  • Registered Nurses and Certified Case Managers.
  • Proprietary clinical pathways for kidney disease treatment.
  • Since program inception in 2014, 99.7% of participating members have avoided dialysis.


Our proven dialysis cost containment solutions have been trailblazing the self-funded marketplace for nearly two decades. We provide industry-leading change that demonstrates improved bottom line results for our clients.

  • No appeals lost. Ever.
  • Exclusive PPO Network solution for dialysis costs.
  • Proprietary pricing methodology delivering nearly 80% savings.

“We pioneered dialysis cost containment with our specialty services which has saved clients nearly a billion dollars. We will continue to challenge excessive pricing from dialysis providers in America and we will continue to win. Now it is time to do the right thing and help people stay healthy and off dialysis.”

Lisa L. Moody, Chairwoman, Board of Directors