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Strengthen Client Partnerships with Unmatched Risk Mitigation and Substantial Savings.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a hidden risk in health plans, posing a health and financial threat to plan assets and members.

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With Kidney Disease, It’s Not A Question Of If, But When.

There is no question that a health plan will have members who develop CKD; the only questions are when, how many, and at what costs?

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Create higher-performing plans, allowing access to better vendor partners and better stop-loss rates.

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Substantially increase the value of current services and offer additional clinical services.

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Identify hidden CKD risks with our proprietary algorithm for more effective and proactive plan management.

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Provide solutions that generate significant savings compared to PPO/network agreements for outpatient dialysis claims.

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Integrate seamlessly with any TPA system through established, live operational interfaces with more than 70 TPAs and cost-containment solutions offered in all 50 states.


End-stage renal disease has steadily increased by 1,352%.

Deliver Enhanced Savings and Value.

Renalogic’s solutions empower TPAs to identify and get ahead of hidden CKD risks and costs. With over 20 years of experience in the self-funded industry, our proven methodology provides a clear advantage and is essential for every TPA's business retention strategy.

Group 701

Cost avoidance as 98.3% of participating members have avoided dialysis

Group 690

Clients save 84.5% (on average) off contracted dialysis rates.

Protect Plan Assets and Reverse the Progression of CKD.

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