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Renalogic webinars (live and on-demand) and videos are designed to educate and inform our various audiences. Our goals with these resources are to provide insights, experiences and best practices for self-funded plans and health plan members when interacting with chronic kidney disease and dialysis.

Member Story

Webinar - On Demand

1 Minute

Tim and his wife Anne share their experience with Renalogic. Tim was able to leverage the various offerings and support provided by Renalogic to better manage his health condition. They are grateful for the personalized attention, advocacy, and resources Renalogic has provided to help Tim get the care he needs.

[ Webinar ] Why the Dialysis Market is Rigged Against Self-Funded Plans

Webinar - On Demand

45 Minutes

The dialysis market is a complex and contentious landscape, particularly concerning its impact on self-funded health plans. This webinar will delve into the numerous factors that contribute to the disproportionate burden the dialysis market puts on such plans.

From the prevalence of for-profit dialysis centers and their negotiation advantages with private insurers to the influence of federal regulations and the economic impact on employers, our panelist will cover a variety of topics that distort the market and disadvantage plans. Drawing on legal, economic and healthcare perspectives, the webinar aims to shed light on the challenges faced by self-funded employer plans looking to provide benefit coverage for this life-saving treatment and other services to their members.

Whether you’re a plan sponsor, an administrator or an advisor to plans, you’ll benefit by hearing from our guest panelists.

[Webinar] ImpactClarify Claims Accountability

Webinar - On Demand

25 minutes

Health insurance claims can be complex, especially when dealing with Multiple Accountable Parties (MAP) claims. These are scenarios where more than one insurer is responsible for payment or some services are not covered. These complexities often arise in today’s health insurance landscape.
To tackle these complexities, Renalogic presents ImpactClarify, a solution for Multiple Accountable Parties (MAP) Claims. ImpactClarify is designed to make the process of reviewing, analyzing, and understanding complex claims faster, easier, and more effective.
Discover how we’re simplifying the process of reviewing, analyzing, and understanding these complex claims. Watch our 25-minute on-demand webinar to learn more.

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[Webinar] Carving Out Benefits: Empowering Self-Funded Employer Plans Against High Dialysis Pricing

Webinar - On Demand

60 minutes

The U.S. outpatient dialysis care market is dysfunctional. It is a duopoly dominated by two public companies (collectively ’Big Dialysis’) that own almost 90% of all dialysis facilities in the U.S. Self-funded employer plans have been disproportionately affected by the dysfunctional dialysis market. The data indicates that ‘Big Dialysis’ charges as much as 1,200% of Medicare rates for self-funded employers for dialysis services.

Join us for a comprehensive on-demand webinar exploring the state of the U.S. outpatient dialysis care market and learn how to counterbalance its repercussions on self-funded employer plans. We’ll sort out the rights and legal powers that self-funded employers already possess to control their own dialysis benefits. We’ll also dive into the flexibility given by federal laws, like ERISA, in benefits design and explain how employers can leverage this to combat the exorbitant costs levied by ‘Big Dialysis.’

Exercising these rights, however, is not without challenges. There is frequent resistance from other stakeholders, often leading to unlawful refusal or discouragement to follow plan directives. To navigate these barriers, we will present a ‘Bill of Rights’ that empowers employers to take control of their dialysis costs effectively. Join us to discover the right strategies to counter ‘Big Dialysis’ high pricing and enforce critical cost-saving measures. Empower your health plan to make a definitive stand against dialysis market dysfunction.

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[Webinar] Chronic Kidney Disease Unveiled: Shocking Facts, Catastrophic Costs & High Value Benefit Strategies

Webinar - On Demand

60 minutes

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is currently the #9 leading cause of death in the U.S., and it’s expected to be #5 by 2040. Last year, CKD cost commercial health plans $100 billion, yet many employers do not realize the tsunami that lies within their employee populations. 

 This on-demand webinar will educate attendees about CKD and provide practical insights to address Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) within an employer’s benefits strategy.

By attending this webinar you’ll:  

  • Get the facts about the state of CKD and dialysis care in the U.S. 
  • Learn about the financial implications for employers and workers. 
  • Discover benefits strategies to help address and manage CKD. 

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Bricker, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AHealthcareZ 

Dr. Bricker is an internal medicine physician who graduated with Honors from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Dr. Bricker is the former Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Compass Professional Health Services. Compass is a Healthcare Navigation service that grew to 1.8 million members across 2,000+ clients including T-Mobile, Southwest Airlines and Chili’s/Maggiano’s Restaurants. Compass was acquired by Alight Solutions in 2018.  

Scott Vold, Chief Commercial Officer, Renalogic 

Scott is an experienced entrepreneur and operator of investor-backed healthcare companies. He joined Renalogic in 2021 as Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to Renalogic, Scott drove an industry-wide effort to redefine the physician referral management process as Founder, CEO and Chairman of Fibroblast, Inc., a venture-funded company he led from concept to successful acquisition by Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN) in 2020. Scott began his career as an attorney representing Fortune 1,000 companies and financial services firms in complex commercial litigation.

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Renalogic Helps Over 98% of At-risk and Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Avoid Costly Dialysis

Understanding How Benefit Plans Help Contain Costs Associated with CKD and Dialysis

6 minutes

Hosted by: Renalogic’s Scott Vold, Chief Commercial Officer and Michael Thompson, President & CEO of National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

webinar thumbnail

How A Self-Funded Plan Took On Big Dialysis and Won

What Taft-Hartley Plans Can Learn From Marietta, et al. v. DaVita, et al.

1 hour 28 minutes

webinar thumbnail

The Iceberg That Could Sink Your Health Plan:

Understanding The Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease on Health Plans and the Workforce

41 Minutes

Hosted by: Kentessa Davis, RN – Renalogic

webinar thumbnail

A Win For Self-Funded Health Plans

A Discussion of the Impact of Marietta, et al. v. DaVita, et al.

50 Minutes

Hosted by: Renalogic’s Scott Vold, Chief Commercial Officer and John Christiansen, Executive Vice President of Legal Risk & Strategy