Carving Out Benefits: Empowering Self-Funded Employer Plans Against High Dialysis Pricing

The U.S. outpatient dialysis care market is dysfunctional. It is a duopoly dominated by two public companies (collectively ’Big Dialysis’) that own almost 90% of all dialysis facilities in the U.S. Self-funded employer plans have been disproportionately affected by the dysfunctional dialysis market. The data indicates that ‘Big Dialysis’ charges as much as 1,200% of Medicare rates for self-funded employers for dialysis services.

Join us for a comprehensive on-demand webinar exploring the state of the U.S. outpatient dialysis care market and learn how to counterbalance its repercussions on self-funded employer plans.

What You Will Learn

  • The state of the U.S. outpatient dialysis care market and its impact on self-funded employer plans.
  • The legal powers and rights that self-funded employers possess to control their own dialysis benefits, including the flexibility given by federal laws like ERISA in benefits design.
  • Strategies to counter the high pricing of 'Big Dialysis' and enforce critical cost-saving measures, including a 'Bill of Rights' that empowers employers to take control of their dialysis costs effectively.

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