World Healthcare Congress Interviews Renalogic

World Healthcare Congress interviewed Sherri Tetachuk, sales executive for Renalogic, about what the company is and how it’s affecting the healthcare industry.

Sherri talked about Renalogic’s capabilities to run data analysis on a plan’s renal disease risks and identifies patients that are at risk for chronic kidney disease, ESRD and comorbidities.

To hear more from Sherri, and to find out more about Renalogic, please watch the video the video below.


Renalogic (formerly DCC, Inc.), headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, was founded in 2002 as a specialty dialysis cost-containment company to help clients understand the unique market dynamics in the dialysis provider community. The company has evolved to become a comprehensive provider of data-driven, end-to-end chronic kidney disease (CKD) care and cost management programs for the self-insured industry. Renalogic’s professional team includes leaders in healthcare administration, care management, legal specialists in ERISA and healthcare law, contract negotiation, payer/provider negotiation, and clinical experts.